Entrepreneurial Mindset

Dr. Rickard Briggs, professor of the Management and Entrepreneurship Department of the Tecnológico de Monterrey Campus Querétaro.     [email protected]

Generally if you were to describe an entrepreneur you may use terms like business owner, visionary, leader, innovator or creator. Indeed, these terms may be applicable and the definition as proffered by Merriam-Webster is “one who organizes, manages and assumes the risks of a business or enterprise.”

The concept of limiting an entrepreneur to a business environment in my opinion is changing rapidly. I would argue the characteristics associate with an entrepreneur are just as relevant to individuals outside a business context. To all individuals seeking to become more innovative not just in their professional career, but perhaps their personal life.

Hence, the emergence of the entrepreneurial mindset. The thought process allowing individuals to act in an entrepreneurial manner, but not necessarily restricted to a business environment. Not limiting the context is essential to understanding how individuals regardless of circumstances may benefit from a change in thinking and acting philosophy. The entrepreneurial mindset may be partially defined as:  A more creative and critical thinking process. Allowing for the development of additional opportunities which one may not have considered or may have been reluctant to act upon.

Imagine the benefit to family’s when individuals start looking for creative ways of improving their life, saving for college or designing their home. When parents are teaching their children to look at multiple opportunities and not to be afraid to take a chance. It’s exciting to see people who would normally accept the status quo suggest or even argue a change needs to be made.

Individuals who speak up, act to improve processes and challenge the norm. Are likely to be rewarded, promoted and no longer alienated or considered the “boat rocker”. Individuals may now not only be judge on how well they do their job, but on how well they improve their job and contribute to the organizations growth.

Understanding everyone may not be an entrepreneur in the business sense, but anyone can act and thing like and entrepreneur may be the first step. It is possible to develop a new thought process, change your perception and actions. We all may not own business, but we can all embrace the spirit of the entrepreneur.